old driveway

Many homeowners grow weary of driveways that are breaking apart and the impact this has on the cosmetics and value of their homes. The process for removing a driveway, however, isn’t a simple one and is best handled by an experienced contractor.

Here are 3 reasons why:

#1:  Breaking and removing an old driveway requires heavy equipment and specialty tools.  Removals aren’t a handyman’s job.  Concrete and asphalt can’t be dumped in a landfill and must be disposed of properly.

#2:  Without the machinery, skills and licensing, do-it-yourselves looking to save dollars end up facing significant obstacles and costs as they must invest a great deal of time (weeks into months) completing a task that can be done in a matter of a few days (or less).

#3:  When it’s time to put in a new driveway, the site must be graded and prepared properly. The absence of proper preparation will negatively impact the installation of a new driveway and reduce its value and lifespan significantly.

We specialize in concrete removal, own the appropriate equipment, offer decades of experience, and have established relationships with reliable contractors that are experts at installing new driveways after we’ve taken the old driveway out.  When you include us in your decision to remove your driveway, we are committed to making sure this difficult task is handled in an expert manner.