Pool Demolition_Bloomfield_2.11.16Having an in-ground pool is often considered a luxury, however, there comes a point for many homeowners when having a pool becomes a burden.  Between the costs for pool maintenance, the absence of use, the risks present when there are young children, or the amount of yard space a pool occupies – often the burdens outnumber the benefits. The fact that having a pool can also negatively impact your home’s value when you decide to sell your home, well, what seemed like a luxury just doesn’t look that way anymore.   Once a decision is made to have the pool removed, the need to understand what that is going to take kicks in.

Tapping into our own experience, we want to offer you the following list of actions homeowners need to take and decisions they need to make in order to execute their decision.

  1. Learn about your options. Do you want to have the pool filled in or completely removed? Each option has its own process and related costs. You can learn about this online or give us a call to talk this through.
  2. Consider the time of year. In southeast Michigan, for example, there are advantages to removing a pool when the ground is frozen.
  3. Choose a contractor carefully. We know how important it is for you to consider all of the following items as you make your choice. These include:
  • Verifying the contractor is insured, licensed and bonded in Michigan.
  • Confirming the contractor is fully informed as to local zoning codes in your area and will take care of securing necessary permits.
  • Securing estimates and asking questions about the costs that will give you a clear sense of what constitutes a reasonable price.
  • Receiving and calling references to confirm the contractor has a reputation of being timely, responsible, honest and experienced.
  • Making sure the contractor has all of the equipment needed to perform the work and will haul away all rubble and make sure that your yard is not left a mess.

Following these steps along with doing your contractor research can go a long way in making sure that your decision to remove your pool yields the benefits and advantages you most desire.